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Special Offer

Quality Street Chocolates and Toffees tins 2.9kg on FCA Rotterdam
Updated on 2017/12/15

Product Details:

I am pleased to offer Quality Street Chocolates and Toffees (New Presentation) in metal tins 2.9kg made in UK on FCA Rotterdam as follows:


Quality Street 2.9kg (EAN: 5000189329386) at EUR: ASK per tin. Carton = 4 tins. Pallet = 28 cartons. Shelf life is 1 year. Multilanguage European pack.


Minimum total order is 33 pallets. Offer is valid till 22.12.2017


Image is below. 

Details are at http://www.nestle.co.uk/brands/chocolate_and_confectionery/boxed/qualitystreet

Please send mail to e-marketing@hswsc.org for more detail.