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Special Offer

Pringles 156gr on FOB Cleveland
Updated on 2017/12/7

Product Details:

I am pleased to offer Pringles USA 156gr on FOB Cleveland USA at USD ASK /unit. Case (1x14) cube = 0.0218m3. Case weight = 3.03kg. Cases per pallet = 65. MOQ = 3,640 cases (56 pallets) by 45ft. FCL. Available for mix load flavors are:


#38000-13840 Original 147gr

#38000-13843 Sour Cream & Onion 156gr

#38000-13897 Cheddar Cheese & Sour cream 158gr

#38000-13854 BBQ 156gr

#38000-13857 Cheddar Cheese 156gr

#38000-13860 Salt & Vinegar 156gr

#38000-13863 Pizza 156gr

#38000-13887 Jalapeno 156gr

#38000-13889 Loaded Baked Potato 156gr

#38000-13872 Ranch 156gr

#38000-16527 Reduced Fat Original 139gr

#38000-13874 French Onion Dip 156gr

#38000-13932 Buffalo Wing 156gr

#38000-13881 Lightly Salted Original 147gr

#38000-13885 Honey Mustard 158gr

#38000-13927 Screamin Dill 158gr

#38000-13902 Reduced Fat Sour Cream & Onion 149gr


Offer is valid till 31.12.2017. Delivery will start from 01.12.2017 through 31.12.2017.

Good are available for mix loads.

Some images are below. 

Details are at Kellogg’s website http://www.pringles.com/en_US/products/favorites/the-original.html

Please send mail to e-marketing@hswsc.org for more detail.