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Special Offer

Nescafe Brasero 100gr on FOB Rotterdam
Updated on 2017/12/7

Product Details:

I am pleased to offer Nescafe Brasero 100gr with (Made in Spain) on FOB Rotterdam as follows:


EAN: 7613032144319 - Nescafe Brasero 12x100gr (with Romanian text) – ASK/jar


There are 12 jars per case. 84 cases per pallet. 55 pallets (FTL) or 5880 cases will load into the 40ft. FCL by hands. BBD are Fresh 24 months. Lea-time is 3-4 weeks.


Image is below. 

Details are at https://www.nestle.hu/brands/kave_kakao/nescafebrasero

Please send mail to e-marketing@hswsc.org for more detail.