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Special Offer

Kit Kat Bites Pouch 104gr on EXW UK
Updated on 2017/12/5

Product Details:

I am pleased to offer Nestle Kit Kat  Bites Pouch 104gr on EXW UK as per the following list. Pallet = 70 cases. Order of 33 pallets. BBD is fresh.


Kit Kat Bites Pouch 104g

Units/carton:     10

Carton/Pal.:        70

FTL:                  33 pallets

BBD:                 Fresh

Text/Origin:       UK

Price GBP/unit:  ASK


Images are below. Origin is UK. Text is English. Lead-time is 1 week.

Details are at https://www.kitkat.co.uk/content/kitkatcollection/Bites

Please send mail to e-marketing@hswsc.org for more detail